velvet bean seed powder benefits and medicinal properties

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Know the medicinal properties of velvet bean

Different names of velvet bean: velvet bean in Bengali: Kapikuchcha in culture: and Kouch seed in Hindi.

Introduction of velvet bean tree: velvet bean is a type of creeper. Itches or burns. velvet bean fruit looks like a sim. velvet bean fruit. A kind of rash is also observed on the body, even if it touches the body, it tingles.

Uses: velvet bean roots, seeds and leaves are used medicinally.

Qualities: It is a sweet bitter juice guru, tonic, meat enhancer, wind destroyer and very sperm enhancer.

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Topical application: It destroys pitta, kapha and blood dosha. velvet bean seed properties and topical application: It is a windbreaker. Dosage of velvet bean root: Eight annas quantity for decoction etc. velvet bean seed dosage: One anna quantity. velvet bean cures all diseases:-

velvet bean powder benefits

  • If the blood is contaminated: Boil a decoction of velvet bean and consume one teaspoon twice a day to cure blood contamination.
  • Disruption: Consuming one gram of crushed velvet bean seeds with water at night before going to bed gives special benefits.
  • Metal deficiency: velvet bean seeds are very beneficial. Consuming velvet bean seeds crushed with honey and mashkalai dal every morning removes dhatu weakness and energizes the body.
  • Indriya Shaithilya: One ana dose of velvet bean seeds crushed, boiled with milk and sugar and consumed for a month makes Methyl senses strong and functional.
  • If there is any injury to the genitals of a woman: Boil a clean rag in boiled water with velvet bean root and soak it on the genitals in a hot condition or keep it for some time and soak the genitals for a week, pain of injury will be removed.
  • If the stomach is hot due to accumulation of air: Mix one gram of velvet bean seeds with cold water and consume it to cool the stomach.
  • Kafadi discharge: velvet bean root should be boiled in the fire with 8 annas of velvet bean root.
  • Rakta Pitta Disease: velvet bean leaves should first be washed thoroughly with water, then consuming the leaves tied like a vegetable Radha will determine Rakta Pitta Dosha.

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